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Latest Mortgage Rates – Home Loan Rates and Trends

Latest Mortgage Rates

Latest Mortgage Rates – Home Loan Rates and Trends


The current mortgage rates are in a flush. According to sources, January New Home Sales were as flat as paper from December at an annual rate of 481,000, and remained near multi-year highs above the agreement of 470,000.

During a calm mortgage market, the rates may vary once or twice a day while in a volatile mortgage market, rates can change at least five times a day. Regardless on how the mortgage rates are running today, one should bear in mind that the rates are very dynamic that vary from time to time and most of the time changes without prior notice.

To secure your long-term mortgage rate, one should lock a lender’s price before rates start to move. Take note that when mortgage rates changes, only the rates which have been previously “LOCKED” are being honoured by the mortgage lenders and those unlocked rates are rarely honoured.


The current analysis for mortgage rates are based on live MBS or Mortgage-Backed Securities which all the pricing are being provided by a real-time mortgage market data servicer called the MBSQuoteline. Those mortgage market data service are available to all loan officers, real estate agents, and other finance professionals. The MBS data supplied by MBSQuoteline are the same market data used in the formulation of the current mortgage rates by the nation’s mortgage lenders.

Shown above is a chart that depicts the new modern Fannie Mae mortgage bond pricing. The so called “Fannie Mae Bonds” are connected to a conventional mortgage rates which includes mortgage rates for programs like the HARP 2.0 or the Home Affordable Refinance Program, the HomePath mortgage program, and the others alike.

The MBS prices are inversely related with the latest mortgage rates as well as the chart doesn’t represent the path of today’s Ginnie Mae mortgage bonds, although both Ginnie and Fannie Mae bonds tend to move on the same patterns. On the other hand, Ginnie Mae mortgage bonds are tied with the latest mortgage rates for FHA loans which are insured by the Federal Housing Administration; VA loans that are guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affair and the USDA loans by the U.S Department of Agriculture.

During the rise of the mortgage bond prices, the U.S mortgage rates tends to drop. In opposite, when the mortgage bond prices drop, the U.S mortgage rates tend to rise. Thus, we can assume that a twenty-five basis point change in MBS pricing which either goes up or down, leads to a  0.125 percent of point change in mortgage


One thing you should remember is that mortgage rates is very dynamic, rates vary all day, every day. It is undeniable that the latest mortgage rates you get from bank won’t be the same rates you will get from your bank in an hour or two. So, you should be smart when you shop and be clever enough to compare multiple lenders and the best deal as possible.

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