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Pick the Best Cabin for Your Cruise

cruise suiteGoing on a cruise is one of the best ways to spend your vacation time. Just imagine relaxing while looking at the vast ocean, having fun in different onboard and onshore activities, and waking up to amazing new places – all without the hassle of traveling and commuting in different airports and ports. Indeed, this full vacation experience minus the hustle and bustle is what makes cruising a fabulous experience.

However, in order to make your cruise more relaxing, pick the best cabin for your needs. Picking out the best room doesn’t have to mean choosing the biggest or grandest room that the cruise ship has. It just means choosing a room that is the most strategically located to the amenities that you want or choosing a room that will best suit your needs. Remember, cabin location is more important than size.

Choosing the best cabin can be done by using a deck plan and comparing deck layouts to check for rooms with more desirable locations. These deck plans are usually available in the website of major cruise lines. If it’s not available in their website, you can always contact their customer service to ask for one.

In checking the deck-by-deck plans, determine first what you want or do not want for your room. Do you want to have a private outdoor space, a smoking area on the balcony, or a veranda where you can read your favorite book? Then choose the room with these features if you’re idea of relaxation include those activities.

The same deck plans can also be used in order for you to avoid rooms which are proximate to noisy elevators, restaurants and entertainment centers. Believe me you wouldn’t want to be disrupted in your peace and quiet time with the late-night thump of the nightclub, or the rearranging of pool furniture above your head, as well as the other noise and sounds coming from other high-traffic areas.

Picking out the best cabin in your cruise is crucial especially if your itinerary includes many days at sea. Remember that your room can either make or break your cruise experience. It may give you the most pleasant vacation on a cruise and the much anticipated rest and recreation that you need, or it may also give you sleepless nights and unnecessary inconvenience.


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