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Top 5 Solar Contract Tips Before You Sign The Solar Dotted Line!

solar contract tips

Tip #1: Get quality that is worth the price.

Different solar companies offer a variety of services to lure costumers into buying solar contracts. So before buying, check the credibility of the company you plan to go to; you can go online and review customer comments and testimonials of the said company to determine whether you should push through with it or not.

Tip #2: Know the yearly costs.

Solar panels are to be maintained for a long period, and maintenance costs money. It is important to know what exactly you should pay for as the costs can change from time to time. A transparent payment timetable should have the total amount and payment due dates for both monthly and yearly. In addition, miscellaneous fees and other payments due at the sign date, installation and other stages of the project should also be a part of it. Every bonafide solar contract should include each of these.

Tip #3: Your home, like your roofing, should be set up for risk protection.

Keep in mind that the maximum size of your solar system is limited by your available roof space, specifically the north-facing one. In risky situations like a damaged roof which may occur during the installation and removal stages, the solar company should take responsibility on fixing it. A solar system is often in a PPA or a lease arrangement thus, services like repair or maintenance is the responsibility of the solar company because they own the solar system.

Tip #4: If it is written, it will happen.

A common mistake by customers in a solar contract is falling prey to sweet talks, and thinking that they can demand those later from the solar company. Always remember that the services written in the contract are the only legally binding assurances you have at your disposal. If there is any special offer made by the sales agent like discounts and such, make sure that it is included in the contract. For additional information, you can refer to the Costumer Financial Protection Bureau for the laws which your solar lease is subject to.

Tip #5: If you plan to move or sell your house later, check your choices.

In case your are planning to move at a further date, do check your options when moving or selling your house in your contract. Often, solar companies will let you transfer your solar system to your new home. A typical solar PPA or lease contract lasts for 15 years or so, therefore it is wise to check ahead of time.

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